Design and Technology – An Interwoven World

I often find myself wondering what will be in trend next or what is the future of the design world. Design is a process that is empathetic in nature. It is the solution to the basics of problems to the most complicated ones. Design is everywhere from the page layout that you are currently looking at to the chair you are sitting on or the clothes that you are wearing, it’s all around you. But in today’s world, it’s not just the designing aspect that’s all over it’s always the technology. We currently live in an era where it’s nearly impossible to live without the two of them.

In a dynamic world such as ours where nothing is certain, where trends change fast, one day something is in and the other it’s not. Designers are supposed to implement their designs in an effective and efficient manner and that’s where the technology plays its part. Design and technology are interwoven together, from knowledge to understanding and from production skills to the process; each requires both design and technology as they are co-created. In this generation as a design student, due to the technological advances, the amount of work I get done in a short amount of time is spectacular. Technology has made things easier due to programs like CAD.  CAD  helps us designers express our creativity in a more efficient and easy manner. Technology has given us a social platform as fellow designers to learn more about our field, keep in check with the ever-changing environment, showcase our work, and present ourselves at the leisure of our homes.

The design has many sub-divisions and no matter the sub-division, it’s a field that requires innovation and technology helps us with the very same. Technology advances lead to design innovation and design leads to technological Development. For instance, the phone that you are currently using, is technically advanced compared to the feature phones used in the 90s and early 00s, because the phone you are currently using is designed to make life more convenient, every aspect of it is well thought of and designed.
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Fashion is an industry that’s considered a fatuous one due to the amount of pollution and wastage of resources it makes each year. It’s an industry that releases 10% of total global carbon emissions each year. In today’s world where the consumer is becoming more environmentally conscious, they want sustainability and slow fashion. Thus scientists are constantly researching and inventing fibers that are more sustainable in nature. Our industry is going from using real leather to growing leather in a lab thanks to Modern Meadow. The more the technology advances the more advancement will be made in the textile industry. Then fashion will go from being a fatuous industry to a sustainable one.

The fashion industry is not just getting more sustainable but also technologically advanced, from garments that change forms just by pressing a button to garments that glow in the dark or light up. Even though the industry has not gone full on SciFi we are still developing and using technology into designing as much as we can.

Design and technology, even though they are co-dependent they still have their own individuality. Despite technology being everywhere, design is still a process that is organic and requires originality and creativity; one mustn’t forget this. Creativity and your own individuality are what make your design yours. So, let’s apply the two of them together but not forget our roots.

Priya Dadhi
INIFD Koregaon, Pune

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