Three Year Interior Design Course

This program is collaboration with Institute of Indian Interior Designers- IIID has been crafted to make our students culturally, socially, and environmentally aware, and who have the knowledge and skills to create interior spaces that are efficient, client focused and sustainable. Students who complete this program will be fully equipped to start their interior design career.

First Year

1. Basic Design

2. Introduction To Scope Interior Design

3. Material And Construction Techniques

4. Product Workshop

5. Graphics

6. Communication Skills

7. Evolution Of Design I

8. Interior Design I

Second Year

1. Interior Design II

2. Furniture Design I

3. Material And Construction Techniques II

4. Interior Working Drawing I

5. Interior Services I

6. Interior Environment Control

7. Product Workshop II

Third Year

1. Interior Design III

2. Research Project

3. Estimation, Costing & Specification Writing

4. Interior Working Drawing II

5. Interior Services II

6. Professional Practice

7. Landscape Design