Student Portal

We believe in providing innovative solutions to make learning an experience. With a unique online learning portal, MYINIFD gives students the flexibility to learn and re-visit their course modules anywhere, any time.

As a student, MYINIFD also provides you with an opportunity to collaborate online through discussion forums and to submit your assignments online.

MYINIFD also ensures continuous learner engagement that goes beyond classroom hours and enables students to drive their individual learning experiences through online faculty feedback which can be accessed seamlessly.

INIFDians use MYINIFD for easy accessibility, convenience, enhanced learning experience and increased interaction.

Convenience: Re-visit learning content anytime & anywhere.

Technology & Personal Guidance: Well-planned interactions with instructors and digital content.

Enhanced Learning: More meaningful discussions, emphasis on applied skills, technology skills, and life skills like time management, independence, and self-discipline.

Increased Interaction: Increased interaction among students and teachers to increase active learning among students.