1 Year Foundation Program

Our One Year Foundation Program is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in design thinking and equip you with the basics of technical drawing along with exposure to various types of materials used in interiors. As a part of the INIFD curriculum, develop understanding of the materials & finishes, technical drafting, learn to design Residential Interiors.

Study Plan

Fundamentals of Design

Understand the basics of design and the fundamentals of design theory and learn to appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including colour and colour theory. Also, equip yourself with the knowledge of human factors like ergonomics and anthropometry. This course will also help you understand the relation between the natural and the built environment.

Visual Communication and Presentation

Learn to come up with and communicate original ideas as you step into the life of an interior designer. This subject will also include the basics of technical drafting, illustrative sketching and presentation of work using various media.

Studio for Residential Space

This design studio introduces students to the concepts of designing residential spaces. Learn how to conceptualize design and execute it using techniques. Floor planning, defining finishes and materials for space as well as designing working and presentation drawings will be an integral part of the course.

Interior Construction and Detailing

In this subject, you will learn the importance of various types of constructional details applicable to interior spaces. The study of the various parts of a building and their role in the overall structure will form the basis of this course.

Essentials of Materials and Systems

As an interior designer, one has to have a good understanding of the materials and finishes available and being used in interiors. This subject will play a vital role in teaching you about the properties and usage of various materials available in the market today.

Along with these, you will also learn about building systems such as sanitary and plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems etc.