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INIFD Franchise Application Form

Thank you for considering INIFD the world’s Largest Network of Design Institute. This form will help you prepare and present your personal and business information which is essential for our consideration in granting the brand INIFD Franchise. Please complete it thoroughly and note that the completion of this application form places no continuing obligation on either you and or INIFD.

Applicants Name *

Interested City for Franchise *

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Date of Birth

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Mobile Number*

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Present Occupation

Does your Professional background involve any of the following?


Applicants Name *

2. How do you propose to set up the centre

3. Is the Proprietorship/Partnership Company already in Existence?

4. If Yes, what is the name of the Business/Company

5. Approximately Rs 25-35 Lakhs will be required to start the Centre. How do you propose to raise it?

6. Property Capita Investment Capacity


7. Depending on plan approved for desired location minimum 1500 - 2000 sq ft (Carpet Area) will be required. Do you already possess a site?

8. If Yes site in Sq. Feet Area

9. If No How long will it take to locate

10. How do you think you will be able to contribute in terms of personal skills and attributes to make this enterprise success?


1. Address of site

2. Classification of the Place

3. Proximity from Main Road

4. Population of the place

5. Number of Schools in the area

6. Number of Colleges in the area

7. Per Capita Income of the people staying in the Locality

Less than lakhGreater than lakh

8. How soon you can start the project?